Call to Action

Hello fellow American,

Veterans Honor, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was initiated when I saw the number of veterans with PTSD who are suffering and taking their lives on a daily basis, 22 suicides today. Without the “general public” understanding the symptoms and outcomes for people with military manifested Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), 22 today will continue. There are so many unseen wounds which can trigger and manifest tragic unexpected results, catapulting that individual into a tailspin, while their loved ones watch this unfold.

We are dedicated to educating the public on what a veteran goes through. Intrusive memories and behavioral triggers. PTSD Awareness

Many times, the Veteran’s family and circle of friends feel helpless. They try to understand and yet their efforts can actually increase the stress of the Veteran. The Veteran may close themselves off from others and become socially isolated. COVID 19 is certainly exacerbating these issues. This can and does lead to devastating loss of life.

We have taken our model from a pull trailer rental company and created PTSD rolling billboards to educate and bring awareness to the “general public”.

  1. We are a registered non-profit organization. Veterans Honor Inc. a 501(c)(3)
  2. “no-contact” trailer rentals can be made today on our website and a mobile app is under development for Android and iOS devices
  3. We have a proof-of-concept partnership with Lowe’s to locate 3 trailers each in the parking lots at 13 stores in 4 states. Once proof-of-concept is completed we will begin expansion onto 1,500 Lowes parking lots across the nation in all 48 states, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week availability
  4. We are partnering with Lowe’s to provide parking spaces underneath light poles. Each light pole where our trailers will be housed will fly the American flag as well as POW, Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard flags

Veterans Honor, aka ( Pulling for Veterans ), offers three different sizes of PTSD Awareness enclosed pull trailers:

  • 4′ x 8′ for $1.00 an hour
  • 5′ x 10′ for $1.50 an hour
  • 6′ x 12′ for $2.00 an hour

There is a $10 LDW ( Limited Damage Waiver ) fee added per 24-hour rental period


How is this possible? Your donations are key!

We are investing in ourselves and our brothers and sisters who are suffering. We are also investing in our caregivers who are caring for our wounded warfighters. Caregivers need care too

VOLUME is key

This call to action of a modest donation from veterans, their friends and family ( 100 million strong ) would amount to a one-time investment raising $35 million dollars. These funds will go directly to the acquisition of enough PTSD Awareness trailers to provide all three trailer sizes to 1,500 locations across the lower 48 states at a total cost of $30 million. The remaining $5 million will go towards infrastructure. The result will be a sustainable revenue stream for Veteran PTSD resources, ( Veteran Service Organization – VSO )

We will begin with 13 locations in 4 states, our 1st district. We will utilize the latest technology for a no-contact trailer rental experience. Trailers can be rented and returned today using our mobile friendly website and development is underway of an Android and iOS mobile app.

The cost to open a new location is approximately $20,000. This covers the manufacture,  PTSD Awareness decals and delivery of three trailers ( one of each standard size ) to a Lowe’s parking lot. All of these services are performed by veteran owned businesses.

Lets do the numbers…

For our initial proof-of-concept:

13 locations x $20K ( 39 enclosed pull trailers ) = $260K

Nationwide ( across the lower 48 states ):

1,500 locations x $20,000 = $30 million

The delivery process of the trailers to a new location will be a parade of family and friends of their honored veteran escorted by veteran organizations, American Legion Riders, VFW, etc, police, etc. EVERY TRAILER WILL BE NAMED TO HONOR A VETERAN in the local area of the Lowe’s store.

As our partnership with Lowe’s grows stronger the veteran market share at Lowe’s increases. There are approximately 24 million veterans in the U.S. and an additional 1.3 million on active duty. Add family and friends and we are over 100 million strong.

Co-branding for marketing – “Exclusively at Lowe’s”, military bases excluded

Every community which has a Lowe’s store has a population of 80K – 120K residents of which 8% – 10% are Veterans. Because of our non-profit status we receive free PSA ( public service announcements ) and communications from National VSOs to local veteran organizations.

8,000 – 10,000 veterans per community + friends and family who support the veterans will rent trailers to help educate the public and bring awareness to PTSD

7,000 Warfighters were killed in action in the last 20 years

30,000 have lost their battle with PTSD in the same 20 years

VOLUMEThe future…

Now fast forward a few years to 2030. We are established in 1,500 Lowe’s locations with three trailers per location. Thats 4,500 rolling billboards out there on the streets every day all across America educating people about PTSD.

Our low cost no-contact rentals are made possible 24/7/365 by our PTSD Awareness trailer rental mobile app

Now consider this: 11 November 2030 we ask the public to rent all trailers for 2 hours.

3 trailers: $1 + $1.50 + $2.00 = $4.50 an hour x 1,500 locations —> $6,750 per hour x 2 hours = $13,500 

+ LDW ( $10 x 4,500 trailers ) = $45,000

That’s $58,500 for 2 hours in one day!

Now lets assume all trailers are rented for just 2 hours every day on average:

x 365 days = $21,294,000!

( Sustainable income for PTSD resources )

The suicide hotline has seen a 17% increase at the Veterans Crisis Line. Many veterans are struggling to watch a country they fought in for 20 years falling to the Taliban. While over 7,000 warfighters were killed in combat, more than 30,000 have lost the battle to PTSD since returning

We have been doing the boots on the ground work towards our mission and will continue to do so. When it comes to financing the future of our warfighter’s mental health. We need your HELP. It’s time to take care of our own.

I am asking, one veteran to another, to invest and HELP with a donation / investment in ourselves and our brothers and sisters who are suffering.

Investing in our caregivers who are caring for our wounded warfighters. Caregivers need care too.

This is a one-time investment raising $35 million dollars ( $30 million for purchase of trailers, $5 million in infrastructure ) to create an ongoing revenue stream for Veteran PTSD resources, Veteran Service Organizations.


Nicholas Walker
US Air Force veteran

If you have any questions or require further detailed information, please feel free to call me at 301.305.9377 or email at [email protected] Thank you for your consideration on this matter. I look forward to further conversation about how we can move our mission forward

Invest / donate to Veterans Honor a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to education and awareness of PTSD